Centron Corporation

Centron Corporation

Centron Corporation

 Smart blood collection for everyone


  • Perfect cost-efficient solution
  • Proven accurate weighing and mixing technology
  • Simple weight calibration in digital method
  • Large capacity Li-ion battery for portable use
  • Emergency onboard battery
  • Visual/audible alarms
  • Barcode scanner for label checking
  • Canvas carrying bag

 Refined simplicity meets robustness

  • Just plug-in, switch-on and you’re ready to go.
  • Understanding user work flow and demands, CM745 has intuitive user interface and
    easy-to-follow set up menus.
  • Our reliable weighing and mixing mechanism are protected by solid engineering grade plastic
    featuring enhanced shock resistance and long-lasting durability. Compact size based on optimized
    weight distribution makes CM745 the perfect fit for anywhere.

 Barcode Scanner

  • Barcode scanner for label checking
  • Barcode scanner reads most standard barcode labels including blood bank-specified ISBT128 code.

 Interchangeable Clamping Module

  • Clamping module clamps blood bag tubing when collected blood volume reaches user-selected
    preset volume. Also clamping module is detachable, so this can be mounted either left or right 
    for user convenience.

 Dual Battery System

  • Onboard battery (rechargeable) is for emergency backup. In case of unexpected AC power
    failure, it guarantees supplying power for 20 more minutes to safely complete ongoing collection.
    No need to use BL101 battery pack all the time in case of AC powered indoor use.
  • For portable or outdoor use, newly designed Li-ion large capacity BL101 battery pack
    (rechargeable & replaceable) is available. BL101 battery pack supports up to 15 hours 
    of operation without AC mains. 
  • BL101 battery pack is charged in the main unit or in the BC110/BC165 battery chargers.

 Clear LCD Screen & Target Volume Display

  • Ergonomically located LCD is backlighted and easy to read in bright indoor. 
LCD screen displays
    collected blood volume, preset volume to collect, total weight of collected blood and blood bags,
    elapsed time of donation and alarm symbols.
  • Target volume display shows preset target volume. 

 Adjustable Operational Parameters & Various Visual/Audible Alarms

  • Collection target volume, alarm triggering criteria, beep sound on/off and tray rocking speed are 
    user adjustable.
  • Alarm lamp flashing is visible from a distance.

Please see our e-brochure in Downloads tab for more information.